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Ode to the Sky
Here is an ode to the sky
Cannot decode the reason why
Can't seem to get you off my mind
I've got a dream that you I'll find
Got me staring at the stars
Preparing for a trip to mars
Gonna bring you back the moon
And maybe sing you a little tune
Anything to prove my love to you
Bust a move I'm stuck to you like glue
Here is an ode to the sky
Cannot decode the reason why
I'm so in love with you
No lies, just tell me true
Babe do you feel the same way
If you do then let me hear you say
How we'll be together til the end
Won't have any broken hearts to mend
Never gonna hear me say adieu
No way, I'm too in love with you
Here is an ode to the sky
I think I know the reason why
Your smile lights up the room
Someday I hope you'll be my groom
Can't take my eyes off of you
This is a love way too true
So will you be my light, my sky
Into the stars please take me high
Disappear into the night
This love it feels so right.
:iconnannon15:nannon15 1 0
Yours to Keep
Your soothing voice
Is my sweet serenade
I do not have a choice
This love I'd never trade
I'll love you until the end
My heart will never change
No matter the trend
Though some might find it strange
I hope always to have your eyes
To take away my breath
They say love isn't wise
But no love means death
Living without you
Is living without air
I hope to never say adieu
To try I do not dare
Your warm embrace
Is my castle walls
You take me to a place
Where rain never falls
I know how to smile
When it's you I'm with
No matter the trial
We prove love is no myth
With you it's all so easy
To laugh, smile, and dance
I know this may sound cheesy
But I guess that's romance
You've got me doodling hearts
And writing down your name
And every time it starts
I wonder if you do the same
You're always on my mind
I'm falling in love so deep
Someday you'll come to find
My heart is yours to keep.
:iconnannon15:nannon15 1 0
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Immortal Love
In the silence of separation
I long for nothing but you here
My world is in devastation
Without your heartbeat near
I feel this longing ripping
When you're far away
I feel my heartbeat slipping
If I don't see you everyday
This love of ours runs deep
Deep into my veins
I can hear it in my sleep
Calling both our names
It's the force that drives
Every move I make
When we're together it thrives
And grows every step we take
With each and every breath
I breathe you into me
Love will save us from death
Immortal in it we will be
So I beg of you come near
Let our love grow strong
The pain is too severe
For with you I belong
Let us erase the distance
Close the gap between our touch
Ours is an endless romance
Couldn't be anything but such
:iconnannon15:nannon15 0 0
My Demon
I feel empty
I'm missing something
Like a void
In my heart.
I feel empty
Like the sadness I bring
I can't avoid
It's made me tart.
I feel alone
No one can hear me
No one listens
Not a soul to care
I feel alone
I can't make them see
A tear that glistens
This sadness I must share
Its like a monster
Taking hold of me
Ripping me apart
Trying to escape
It's like a monster
Trying to get free
It has eaten my heart
It has left me agape
Bring me something
To feel complete
To feed my demon
To renew my heartbeat.
Bring me something
For my monster to eat
Make me a freeman
Give my demon a treat.
:iconnannon15:nannon15 0 0
Beneath you, I break
I break
And I shatter
No more can I take
But to you it doesn't matter
I shiver
And I cry
But not a sliver
Of care is in your eye
I run
And I hide
You think it's fun
Tearing me apart inside
I stand
And I fight
But you stop my hand
I cry no, this isn't right.
You take
And you hurt
Can you feel me break?
No, don't take off my shirt
You pounce
And you laugh
I can't find an ounce
Of forgiveness on your behalf
You force
And you strangle
Do you feel remorse?
As away I try to wrangle?
You smile
And you sigh
I lay cold for a while
Staring at the empty sky.
I break
And I shatter
No more can I take
But to you, it doesn't matter.
:iconnannon15:nannon15 0 0
Last Sunset
The sun sets
The world is dark
So many regrets
Lurk like a shark
Why did I hate
Why did I cry
Need a new slate
So I turn to the sky
The sky is black
Not a star to be seen
Feel the shadows attack
Why are they so mean?
They pull me down
They pull me under
I feel myself drown
And I begin to wonder
Why do we fear
The icy hand of death
It makes it all so clear
And I can see my breath
In the air before me
My whole life flashes by
And I wish you could see
What it's like to die.
:iconnannon15:nannon15 0 0
Something Here
There's something here
I can't quite grasp
But I don't fear
My heart in his clasp
I haven't quite
Felt this way before
It gives me a fright
But makes my heart soar
My hands are shaking
I can't remember what to say
His smile is breathtaking
I look for it each day
When he is around
I can't help but smile
He lifts me off the ground
And I'm free for a while
With him I'm me
I'm not afraid
He makes me see
Life's sweet serenade.
:iconnannon15:nannon15 0 0
Headphones in my ears
Cant stand the sound
Of the flow of my tears
Splash as they hit ground
So filled with hate
I've become so weak
Let the world create
A creature so meek
Lost hold of hope
My last string of sanity
Not sure how to cope
With my inhumanity
Cant stand to be helpless
Not knowing what to do
It all seems so useless
When no words ring true
Headphones in my ears
Drown out the world
Hide my greatest fears
Before they come unfurled
Bottle up emotions
Just waiting to explode
Going through the motions
On this empty road
Been left alone
By the last who cared
Fallen in the lost zone
Without the love we shared
Headphones in my ears
The world falls away
I'm consumed by my fears
No longer seeing light of day
When there's no one
Here to save me
No reason to run
No one to set me free
I no longer wish to wake
Let me slumber forever
And the demons take
My soul on an endeavor.
:iconnannon15:nannon15 0 0


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...Peter Pan...
United States
Current Residence: middle of nowhere oklahoma
deviantWEAR sizing preference: >.>...
Print preference: <.<...
Favourite genre of music: lets see....
Favourite photographer: >.> I don't really know any...besides me :D
Favourite style of art: hmm tough choice...
Operating System: <.<...
MP3 player of choice: ipod?
Shell of choice: >.>...
Wallpaper of choice: <.<...
Skin of choice: >.>...
Favourite cartoon character: Stewie griffin I suppose... lol
Personal Quote: "If I'm not smiling it's because you haven't hugged me yet..."
  • Listening to: Talkin' 2 Myself- Eminem
  • Drinking: strawberry milk
"I see nights full of pain
Days are the same
You keep the sunshine
Save me the rain
I search but never find
... Hurt but never cry
I work and forever try
But I'm cursed so nevermind
And it's worse but better times
Seem further and beyond
The top gets higher
The more that I climb"
Lol, Lil Wayne and Eminem.

That's what I get for listening to kevans ipod.
I'm going to miss him.
Don't tell him xD
And Kyli :/
I finally get a chance to go home and I actually have people I'm sad to leave.
But, "Never let your fear decide your fate"
I'm leaving anyway.
I'm just not sure if it's because I'm scared to stay, or if I'm running.
Perhaps I'll never know.
But I need a vacation from life for a little while.
and some hugs... :D
Because apparently my boss thinks that since it's my last week I need to work 50+ hours.
Like... I'm not already practically dead?
I need sleep now.



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